B Grade, Social Draw / Spring 2017

Version 1 of the B Grade and Social Draws for Spring 2017. These will be updated to SportsTG this week.

*UPDATED DRAWS* Winter 2017

SVI have recently been informed that the SJC stadium will be unavailable on Wednesday 24/05/2017. There will be NO GAMES on 24/05/2017. As such, we have had to combine round 5 and 6 into a Rapid Round for all divisions, to be held on Wednesday 31/05/2017. Updated draws are attached and have been updated to SportsTG if you use those links.

Click 'Read More' for the links to the SportsTG draws, and find PDFs for each division.

Revised Draw for Summer 2017

Note the following attachment with the changes to the draw for rounds 4 & 5 for our Summer 2017 competition.

All Grades Draws (games & duty) - Spring 2016

Hi all, please find the draws, includng the duty roster, attached to this post.

I have submitted a request to the programmers of the new system we're using (SportsTG) to have them create the option to display duty teams (the volleyball-specific features of their program is still in the trial stages, so feel free to email me with any feedback and I will gladly pass it on).

Thanks for your questions and constructive feedback with the Spring season, it's been very much appreciated.



Jack Freeman

Updated Draw (2.0)

Due to a couple of extra team entries into B grade and social (woohoo!!), the Draw has been regenerated. Find it on the Draws page of our website.
You can sign up for email reminders about your games at this website: http://websites.sportstg.com/assoc_page.cgi?assoc=3675&pID=1
Choose your division and click 'Email Reminders'.


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