Notice of upcoming 2017 SVI AGM

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on 29/08/17.

The open positions for election at the AGM will be;
- President
- Vice President
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Junior Development officer
- General Committee (this includes Competition Manager, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer etc.)

People may only nominate or be nominated if they are fully payed members of SVI Inc for 2017.

Two members are required to nominate the nominee to go on the committee.

Nominated member must give their consent to their nomination.

Winter 2017 - Season 2 competition

Our Winter 2017 Season 2 competition is now open for team & player registrations;

Teams -

Players -

Registration Night is this Wednesday 19th July at 6.00pm at St Joseph's Stadium - come down & register your team and have a practise game against other teams.

Women's Tournament

Women's Tournament 31st July!

Grab 6 ladies together and enter a team for a one-night Round robin tournament for women and girls only!

If you haven't got a team, email us at and we'll match you to a team.

We need at least 4 teams to get the competition up and running, so get onto it ladies!

End time will depend on teams entered.






Winners - B Grade & Social Finals - Winter 2017 Season 1

Congratulation to the following teams & individuals for the results in our Winter 2017 Season 1 competition;

B Grade Winners - Sevens Panthers
B Grade Runners Up - Razorbacks

Social Winners - Hot Diggity
Social Runners Up - Hits N Giggles

B Grade MVP Winner - Ofa Halaapiapi
B Grade MVP R'up - Joel Hamilton

Social MVP Winner - Tanya Kalms
Social MVP R'Up - Isabel Oldham

Well done to all on a great first half season for Winter 2017.


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