Notice of upcoming 2017 SVI AGM

Notice of upcoming 2017 SVI AGM

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on 29/08/17.

The open positions for election at the AGM will be;
- President
- Vice President
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Junior Development officer
- General Committee (this includes Competition Manager, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer etc.)

People may only nominate or be nominated if they are fully payed members of SVI Inc for 2017.

Two members are required to nominate the nominee to go on the committee.

Nominated member must give their consent to their nomination.

If there are more than one nominee nominated for any of the above positions, a ballot will be held at the meeting.

All nominations are required to be given to the Stephen Purcell ( by 20/08/17, if all position are not filled then nominations will then be received at the AGM.

Nomination form attached to this article.